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you are not so much entering a licence agreement, as a creative partnership.

O’Dear Publishing House is a licencing agency whose origins lie in the world of advertising. We represent the creative and commercial interests of our labels and support our licensees in their creative activities and marketing messages.


For instance, O’Dear offers an online style guide to support designers. It is a style guide developed by and for creative minds; it has clear rules, colour samples, templates, illustrations and fonts that can be downloaded as a package.





In addition there is a large number of design samples and the possibility of contacting the O’Dear team directly for questions, advice and rapid approval. O’Dear Publishing House also provides support for in-store and outdoor communication, marketing plans, online branding and publicity.

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With O’Dear Publishing House,

you are not so much entering a licence agreement, as a creative partnership.

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With O’Dear Publishing House, you are not so much entering a licence agreement, as a creative partnership.


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Uit Grootmoeders Kastje (Granny’s Cupboard)

The simple, everyday skills from grandmother’s day, grandma’s good advice; who didn’t grow up with these things? Well, actually, a whole generation! Slowly, more and more knowledge and experience from grandmother’s day is disappearing. Times change, but they can also be relived. ‘Uit Grootmoeders Kastje’ brings grandma’s secrets to the younger generations; the wisdom of the past to today’s products.



‘Uit Grootmoeders Kastje’ are gift items for in and around the home that are connected to grandma’s advice. ‘Uit Grootmoeders Kastje’ gifts are always made up of lasting and consumable products in recognisable packaging (a small cupboard). For example, ‘Grandma’s Tea Moment’ consists of a set of two glasses in the ‘Uit Grootmoeders Kastje’ style, teabags with grandma’s tea blend and two sugar stir sticks.


All gifts also come with a practical tip or words of wisdom from grandma: how do I make a thick pumpkin soup to combat a cold, what is the secret to a proper apple pie, which plant will grow in the shade all year round, how do get my white laundry white again? Grandma has a solution to everything. Each gift also comes with a strong, recognisable label on which to write a personal message.



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Target group

The ‘Uit Grootmoeders Kastje’ gift items are presents that are nice to give, especially to yourself.


The ‘Uit Grootmoeders Kastje’ primary target group are the family and friends of anyone who is moving in together (or moving out), or has just moved house or redecorated. Anyone who has been invited to a house-warming party can now arrive with a small cupboard instead of a bottle of wine.


Once they have got to know ‘Uit Grootmoeders Kastje’, the person receiving the gift joins our secondary target group. Now there are already two lovely tea glasses in the new kitchen, why not buy the matching teapot ... and the whistling kettle ... and the growing pots? The receiver becomes the collector.



Lieve Lieverd (Dear Darling)

Everybody knows a Lieve. She’s the girl who waves to you even though she doesn’t know you. She’s the girl that starts to cry when she doesn’t get her own way and then laughs loudest about doing so. The girl who wants to explore and understand everything around her but doesn’t yet do so. The girl who is so stubborn and cheeky that you could eat her up.



‘Lieve Lieverd’ is a brand built around the character ‘Lieve’. She is a girl of about three years old. She is very sweet but also pretty stubborn. Lieve is happy to talk about herself and what she’s done. Sometimes she talks about her sister, her parents and her friends. Lieve has all the characteristics of a typical toddler, but hers are a little more highlighted. This make Lieve very recognisable to other toddlers and parents.


‘Lieve Lieverd’ appears in a series of short stories about Lieve and her exploits. Her exploits are not great adventures, but everyday things such as going to bed (or rather not), shopping with mummy, sitting in the back seat of daddy’s car or just about nothing. As a brand, ‘Lieve Lieverd’ is linked to products aimed at the target group.



Target group

After the birth of a child, mother and baby are showered with presents. These might be practical gifts given by people with some experience. But the majority of people do not buy anything they don’t recognise, but when they see something they do recognise, they think: “They’ve probably already got one”. Finally they end up in the aisle with recognisable items: toys and books. (There is a reason why they put these in the last aisle before the checkout.) Here is where you find the target group made up of: colleagues, friends without children, the younger brother and cousins as well as grandparents, neighbours and vague acquaintances. These are the people whose purchases largely depend on how they look.

They then buy ‘Lieve Lieverd’ because they would rather greet the new mother with a nicely designed gift box than a practical nappy bucket.


Of course, the contents are aimed at children. To be more specific, babies and toddlers from 0 - 3. Commercially, however, ‘Lieve Lieverd’ is aimed at visitors to the newborn: the uncles and aunts, grandparents, colleagues, friends etc. The ‘Lieve Lieverd’ products are therefore mainly gift items. The parents or carers are of course a secondary target group. The primary target group introduces ‘Lieve Lieverd’ to the parents and so Lieve becomes part of the family.



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